Maximise Your Budget With Cheap Accommodation While Travelling


Heading off on the adventure of a lifetime is always an enticing project. With the best plans in place, you may find that your finances place some limitations on where you can go. There are ways to find budget rental accommodation that could help you enjoy your travel experience for longer.

Look at hospitality exchanges

Arguably, a hospitality exchange is the most cost-effective way to enjoy long-term accommodation while travelling. In short, you will either exchange your home with another person or couch-surf in return for someone staying at your place later on. Less-common ways to exchange hospitality include house sitting or pet sitting.

In many cases a hospitality exchange means you can stay somewhere for free. As such, its the most cost-effective budget rental accommodation available. If doing so appeals to you, make sure you stay safe. Use legitimate websites only and find ways to vet your prospective host before heading into their home. If you're ever in doubt, find another host.

Always choose an apartment over a hotel

If you're travelling on a budget, it's worth accepting that hotels are always a luxury. Even when you secure a low per-night rate, you don't have access to low-cost sources of food. 

In contrast, an apartment gives you access to a kitchen and washing facilities. The ability to make your own food gives you plenty of control over how much you spend, allowing you to refine your approach as your budget changes.

Don't write off hostels just yet

As far as cheap accommodation goes, hostels often conjure images of uncomfortable beds and poor hygiene. Fortunately most of them now feature next-to-excellent facilities, as well as the opportunity to socialise. You usually have to share a bathroom, but many provide kitchens you can use, and you could stumble across luxuries such as pools. You can make your experience cosier by opting for single-sex dorms. The best ones usually book up well in advance, and you may find you can't stay longer than two weeks. As such, if you want to rely on hostels, you should plan on hopping between them in advance of your trip.

Alongside finding budget rental accommodation, you should consider other factors that will influence your costs. Look at public transport accessibility in the area and the availability of nearby food markets. When you consider all of the smaller factors, you'll bring yourself closer to finding a solution that makes the most of your travel budget.


30 July 2018

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