How to Get the Best Room When You Arrive at a Motel


Are you planning a long-distance road trip that will take days? Driving long distances can be tiring, and at the end of a long day spent at the wheels, you might want to check into a motel to get a shower and full night of sleep before carrying on with your journey the next day. Although your stay at a motel will be short, you will probably want to make the most out of it.

25 October 2018

Maximise Your Budget With Cheap Accommodation While Travelling


Heading off on the adventure of a lifetime is always an enticing project. With the best plans in place, you may find that your finances place some limitations on where you can go. There are ways to find budget rental accommodation that could help you enjoy your travel experience for longer. Look at hospitality exchanges Arguably, a hospitality exchange is the most cost-effective way to enjoy long-term accommodation while travelling. In short, you will either exchange your home with another person or couch-surf in return for someone staying at your place later on.

30 July 2018

Break the Chain? Deciding on Hotel Accommodation


Everybody has their preferences for holiday accommodation. If you ask five people what they look for in a hotel, you're likely to get five different answers. Maybe more! One of the fiercest debates is about hotel ownership. Do people prefer chain locations or independent hotels? There's a pretty even divide. So what are the arguments for each, and where do your opinions fall?  Cost When you're looking at like-for-like accommodation, independent hotels are likely to be more expensive than chains.

27 July 2018

How to Experience an Enjoyable Camping Trips with the Kids


Going out camping with your kids can be a great way of having fun and bonding as a family. You get to engage in fun activities during the day then sit by the fire at night as you tell stories and roast marshmallows. However, the key to an exciting camping trip with the kids is ensuring that you do proper planning before the mini vacation. Unlike an adult camping trip, this one requires you to make arrangements to ensure that your kids have a pleasant and comfortable time at the park.

26 July 2018

Fancy Buying a Hotel? How to Start Your Search


The Australian economy relies on the mighty tourism dollar, as people flock from far and wide to sample the sights, sounds and quality of life. For those who already live in this vast country, this presents a myriad of opportunities and you may be considering some of these options as you plan your future. Perhaps you're thinking about branching out into tourism as you need a significant career change or have money to invest in a new project.

11 July 2018